2nd Project Meeting in Reggio Calabria, Italy

will be hosted by

Date: July 2020

Transnational Project Meetings are an important means for fostering the cooperation and exchange of knowledge, transfer of know-how and peer learning between the partners.

The coordination meetings allow the team to review the achieved results and plan together the upcoming activities.

At this meeting the results of the conducted preparatory activities for the respective IOs will be discussed.

Partners will review the trends and main findings and chart for which categories cross-analysis will be useful. In addition, at this meeting the start of the work on IO2 and IO3 will be given.

The partners will discuss in detail the results obtained through the first phase of the project and the accomplishment of IO1 this will be the basis of a detailed troublesome issues analysis. The next steps in IO2 and IO3 will be talked over thoroughly.

Also, administrative issues will be discussed, along with dissemination an evaluation.

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